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 * This file is part of John the Ripper password cracker,
 * Copyright (c) 1996-98 by Solar Designer

 * Status information management routines.

#ifndef _JOHN_STATUS_H
#define _JOHN_STATUS_H

#include <time.h>

#include "math.h"

 * Current status.
struct status_main {
      clock_t start_time;
      unsigned int guess_count;
      int64 crypts;
      int pass;
      int progress;

extern struct status_main status;

extern int (*status_get_progress)();

 * Elapsed time of previous sessions, in seconds.
extern unsigned int status_restored_time;

 * If start is non-zero, sets start_time to current time minus
 * status_restored_time, and the rest of fields to zero. Always
 * initializes the get_progress() handler (can be NULL).
extern void status_init(int (*get_progress)(), int start);

 * Updates the crypts count.
extern void status_update_crypts(unsigned int count);

 * Returns the elapsed time in seconds.
 * Currently this does not support running for more than 248 days total
 * (assuming CLK_TCK is 100). However, this should survive uptimes of the
 * box we are running on of more than 248 days.
extern unsigned int status_get_time();

 * Prints current status to stdout.
extern void status_print();


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